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The New World of Investor Marketing

Digital media is the most powerful medium ever created because of its reach, the dynamic content that can be created and the data that is collected to help marketers target market you with various tools and ad types.

Before you jump in with both feet or spend large amounts of investor capital on digital marketing (second quarter of 2019, Facebook's net income amounted to 2.6 billion U.S. dollars), let’s get you up to speed.

The statistics can be misleading for equity marketing. Selling equity investments and selling consumer items is very different and has very different statistics. You could literally spend days trying to figure out all the different statistics, and you will find a statistic that supports your belief. That’s why Facebook makes $2.6 billion in 6 months!

The Canadian Securities Administration in 2017 conducted a research report for to provide general information and understanding of investor behaviour and the estimated incidence of investment fraud in Canada.

I have only provided context on a few slides from this report, but it provides corporations an excellent idea of what they need to consider when trying to develop an investor audience online.

I believe one of the biggest challenge’s micro and small cap companies face in raising capital is the perception of fraud in the market. I have heard to many times that the stock market is just legal gambling; this is not acceptable. That "1 out 10" deals are successful; this is not acceptable.

People don’t invest to lose money. We all know there are risks when we invest, but people need to believe that corporations have done everything in their power to be successful and give investors a return on capital. That being said, investors need to start believing in management and support management. Building a company is not easy and requires unbelievable amounts of stamina and determination. The industry can no long be “us and them” it needs to become a team effort between corporations and shareholders. I call this the evolution the rise of the Investomer…

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