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Grow Your Business

We've examined thirty "War to Business Strategies" to determine how successful organizations are exploiting their competition and staying relevant in this fast-paced world. We will take you through a 20 point step-by-step process to analyze you, your team, and the business landscape to create a comprehensive and fluid strategy to crush the competition and win customers.

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Gain A Competitive Edge With Investors.

In today's chaotic media environment, capturing the attention of an investor in a digital world of 140 million screaming advertisers takes more than good marketing. 

Chaos Point Advisory has established an investor infrastructure and strategy to win big in the new digital investor era.



It's About Finding The Right Investors.

Looking to develop your business? Do you need capital to get to the next level? Chaos Point Advisory has three programs to support your capital raise needs:

  1. Less than $500,000: Get your capital and build your customers. 

  2. $500,001 to $2,000,000: Our experts will help you build a winning investment package and get you in front of the right people. 

  3. Go-Public Transactions: Looking to get your company to the next level? Our team of professionals will help you complete your go-public transaction and help you in your after-listing marketing and investor development programs. 

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Leveraging Technology To Accelerate Your Business.

Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform sales or operations, through the replacing of non-digital/manual processes or older digital technology with newer technology and software applications.

In today's world, you must have a robust online store that provides a seamless customer experience, and a way to get the product in the hand of your customer quickly. If you're not online, you're not relevant to today's buyer.  

Need to remove an operational bottleneck, increase employee safety, collect better data?

If you have ever asked yourself  "if I could just do ______, I could ______, and this would ______ my business...", lets us help.

A well-thought-out software application and/or technology can have a massive impact on your operations and/or employees.

Let Chaos Point Advisory help define, design, and build your next application.

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